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The main goal of this working package besides the distribution of the aquired knowledge in relevant communities (with publications at international conferences and publications in peer-reviewed international journals) is the distribution of the results for the general public (project website, newsletter, project folder etc.). In WP6,  more than 6 journal publications, more than 11 contributions at national and international conferences and additional dissemination activities, i.e. during the ICT Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography, are desired.

Description of the content:
The focus in this working package is on the broad dissemination of the generated project results.
At the beginning of the project, a website with the information on the vision, project contents, partners and news for the general public, particularly visitors without scientific knowledge, is created. Additionally, a regularly updated project folder as well as a newsletter for the distribution at conferences or at infopoints of the project partners will be provided.
International conferences in the field of non-destructive testing offer an opportunity to present the results of BeyondInspection to the NDT community. These results will also be presented at XCT-conferences, Visualisation conferences and Simulation conferences . Beside these conferences, publications will be submitted in national and international journals.


  • Publications at international conferences
  • Publications in peer-reviewed international journals
  • Project website, project folder, newsletter




This project is funded by the following FFG-programm: TAKE-OFF Das österreichische Luftfahrtprogramm.
Project numberr: 874540
Titel: Platform for predictive evaluation of aerospace components with multimodal, multiscale inspection.