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The main goal of this working package is the integration, demonstration and validation of the whole BeyondInspection digitalisation platform, including the multimodal NDT-data generation, data analysis, visualisation and simulation. For this demonstration, the developed software tools and simulation methods are used in combination with the robot-based multimodal testing system and demonstrated on the basis of typical aerospace components of the industrial partners. 

Description of the content:
WP6 integrates the developed techniques of the BeyondInspection project in a digitalisation platform, which is accessible for all project partners. Besides the integration of all techniques, the demonstration and validation of the generated methods is a core element of this working package. This is why WP6 compares the the generated results and methods with the specifications in WP2. The evaluation of the generated project results is mainly done by the industrial partners. After the test of a technique or method, an evaluation report is required. The partners are responsible to check, if every method is tested sufficiently and if it fulfills the specified requirements.

The results are mainly evaluated by the industrial partners using evaluation reports for the tested range of functions. This feedback is used for the fine-tuning of the software demonstrator.




This project is funded by the following FFG-programm: TAKE-OFF Das österreichische Luftfahrtprogramm.
Project numberr: 874540
Titel: Platform for predictive evaluation of aerospace components with multimodal, multiscale inspection.