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The University of applied sciences (FHOOE) in Wels exists since 1993 and is one of the pioneers in the higher education sector and well-respected. It has around 150 employees and a very high percentage of third-party funding in the research and development department, making it one of the leading research universities of applied sciences in Europe. Different groups focus their research in the area of fiber reinforced components, like non-destructive testing with active thermography or computed tomography. With the start of the bachelor programm: "leight weight construction and composite materials" in 2016, the focus on this area is even increased, to fullfil the need of specialists in this area. For this project the FHOOE has the possibility of CT-imaging of the samples under load in an in-situ stage, in order to gain knowledge of the behaviour of the materials and to validate the results of simlation. FHOOE provides 4 industrial CTs (Rayscan 250E Dualsource XCT, GE Nanotom 180 Sub-MicroCT, Bruker Skyscan 1192 Talbot-Lau grating interferometer-XCT, RX Solutions Easytom 160 NanoXCT). The evaluation of the data will be done with commercial software tools and in-house tools.


This project is funded by the following FFG-programm: TAKE-OFF Das österreichische Luftfahrtprogramm.
Project numberr: 874540
Titel: Platform for predictive evaluation of aerospace components with multimodal, multiscale inspection.