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For aeronautic applications, aside zero-defect manufacturing, also (almost) lot-size-one production is an important feature of the associated manufacturing, testing and simulation processes. The evaluation of the complex mode of impact of the micro- and mesostructure of manufacturing effects and the interrelationships on the mechanical properties of new highly integrated (sub)components represents a major challenge.Increasing the competitiveness of Austrian production sites is essential and can only be achieved by significantly reducing non-quality costs and production costs with constant or increasing component quality.
BeyondInspection follows an integrative approach which (1) is based on multi-modal, multi-scale non-destructive component testing (NDT) with modern lab-based techniques as well as robot-based methods, which (2) develops new data analysis algorithms with a focus on deep convolutional neural networks as well as visualization concepts for primary and quantitative secondary test data from various test modalities with a focus on virtual reality, and which (3) enables multi-scale simulation using finite element methods. BeyondInspection aims at the next big step in quantitative characterization, visualization as well as modelling and simulation of components in aeronautics: The development of (4) a digitization platform that enables a complete quantitative characterization of features in material and (sub-) components from aeronautics. By trend monitoring of test data, a reduction of possible rejects due to statistical deviations or stochastic errors is additionally realized. In the case of the detected defects, the new, comprehensive error interpretation and evaluation options significantly increase the quality of NDT's significance through microstructure simulation. Thus, material structures can be classified as not critical for failure and rejects can be reduced.
BeyondInspection offers a validated digitization platform providing new concepts of multimodal NDT data generation, data analysis and visualization as well as mechanical simulation to industrial partners from the aviation industry. The insights gained from BeyondInspection are intended to strengthen Austria as a business location for the companies FACC and SCHIEBEL by reducing the use of resources and avoiding rejects.


This project is funded by the following FFG-programm: TAKE-OFF Das österreichische Luftfahrtprogramm.
Project numberr: 874540
Titel: Platform for predictive evaluation of aerospace components with multimodal, multiscale inspection.